Used/Demo Skis – Priced to Clear (Updated 04.01.2021)

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2 x Allwave CX – Corsa Construction (RRP $4700) – New – $3300 (contact for more information)

The CX project was oriented to give the athlete the opportunity to develop maximum paddling power in all conditions, the goal that all manufacturers pursue in the design of the surfski. The bow with generous volume never suffers, without being too voluminous. At the entrance point of the paddle the boat is narrow, so as to allow a fluid movement without slamming on deck.

The comfortable but enveloping seat allows you to have excellent control of the ski. The waterline is very long, which gives the ski excellent top speed. The world novelty is the footrest, adjustable from the seat, with an easy movement of a lever located in the front, it moves easily forward or backward, without having to adjust the inclination of the peddles which position themselves automatically.

Length: 640 cm
Beam: 42.8 cm
Recommended paddler weight: 60 kg >

Corsa: Weight 12.5 kg

1 x Allwave Volo – Corsa Construction (RRP $4700) – New – $3300 (contact for more information)

1 x Allwave Volo – Hybrid Construction (RRP $3900) – Like New – $2900 (contact for more information)

It is a surfski for athletes over 80kg. The accessories (toe and rudder) are the same as the CX, while the seat is larger in size, comfortable and enveloping, allowing use by larger individuals. The shape of the hull gives it remarkable agility in the waves and an extreme ease in surfing. The bailers are partially integrated in the hull to ensure rapid emptying and good impact resistance.

Very generous volumes allow athletes over 80 kg. to obtain great performances with this hull which is able to bear weights even over 100 kg.

Length: 642 cm
Beam: 46 cm
Recommended paddler weight: 80 kg >

Corsa: Weight 12.5kg
Hybrid: Weight 13.5kg


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