ZSS Evolve Series

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The Genesis blade is at home in all conditions. The blade exhibits a great catch and just will not slip. The design allows for power production to be optimised and if you are stable in the boat you will get a great return. This blade shape is quickly becoming the most demanded in the world. If you truly want a blade that allows you to feel the water like no other and allow you to optimise your performance then this blade is for you.


Fixed Length Paddle – Choose your shaft

Select the oval shaft option for your fixed length paddle (not adjustable)

Adjustable Length/Angle Paddle – Choose your adjustor system

ZSS Plastic adjustor – standard on all adjustable paddles.

Adjustable Length/Angle Paddle w/Plastic Adjustor – Choose your shaft

Select the oval shaft option for your adjustable paddle with plastic adjustor

Paddle Length and Angle Options

Note – Please provide minimum length required for adjustable paddle (all adjustable paddles have 10cm of adjustment) and paddle length and angle required for fixed paddles (60 degrees recommended angle).

Paddle Bag – Adjustable paddles only (Optional)

ZSS paddle bags are manufactured from a heavy duty PVC and posses both a hand and shoulder (detachable) carry strap. The top of the bag is secured with velcro but also has an additional buckle for securing during transport. A clear pocket has also been stitched to the front of the bag to allow for the use of identification labels. Inside the bags a separating sleeve ensures separation of paddle halves.
The padded bag is identical to the non-padded version but has 5mm foam padding on the front and bag to add additional protection during transport.

Sticker colour – Choose your blade front sticker colour * 

Select the colour of the sticker to be placed on the front of your paddle blades

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The Evolve blade is a predictable and great blade choice for paddlers of all levels of ability. The tear drop blade has a small learning curve and paddlers will enjoy how quickly they become comfortable with it. Accompanied by an oval shaft, this blade is one you can just pick up and go with.

The ZSS carbon fibre paddles represent the highest quality in construction and finish.

The quality of construction and finish of these carbon paddles is second to none. These are truly a $600+ paddle with a $200 saving…you get a sale price every day of the year. CNC machined high-density foam core is sandwiched by aero-grade quality carbon fibre cloth with an epoxy matrix. Machined aluminium heated molds provide the ability to produce a superb gloss finish. Reinforcing is provided in critical areas to ensure these blades will stand up to the rigors of surf racing. These blade are constructed to meet the demands of flat water and surf paddlers world wide. The construction of these blades is made to the specifications of Zenith Sport Sciences and is designed for paddlers by a paddler. This is not an off-the shelf product. The Evolve blades are available in a four blade sizes with an oval shaft option only.

Which blade size for me?

We recommend you email or call us so that we can make the best recommendation for your needs. Below is a brief guide to help point you in the right direction.

Evolve Blade Small Small/Medium Medium Medium/Large
Area (sq.cm) 720 735 750 820
Dimensions (cm) 15.0 x 49 15.5 x 50 16.0 x 50 16.5 x 53
Weight (g) 640 +/- 20 660 +/- 20 720 +/- 20 740 +/- 20

Small – young male and female paddlers, less smaller built males and females
Small/Medium – smaller and recreational male paddlers, strong females
Medium – very strong females, medium to strong males
Medium/large – very strong males

How to order?

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or require a recommendation as to what paddle would best suit. We are more than happy to assist and would prefer you do this then make a less suitable selection. However, if you have a pretty good idea of what you want then simply do the following:

  1. Decide if the paddle is going to be fixed or adjustable in length (and angle)
  2. If fixed, then simply select the shaft option you require and enter the length and angle in the fields provided
  3. If adjustable, choose the adjustor system that best suits your needs (e.g. plastic or metal), select the shaft type you require specific to the adjustor type you chose and finally provide the minimum adjustment length for the paddle.

Please refer to our frequently asked questions page to assist you with your paddle purchase or as mentioned above feel free to contact us – FAQs

Additional information

Adjustable or Fixed Length Paddle

Adjustable Length Paddle, Fixed Length Paddle